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Catering Leonessa

Events and banquets at home or outdoors, with all the quality and taste that distinguish Patisserie Giulia Elite Cafè. This is all possible now, thanks to the incredible Catering service designed by Carmine Leonessa and Patisserie Giulia. You only have to choose either a sweet or a savory menu, then our chefs and pastry chefs will do the rest, with the Catering Leonessa staff ready to satisfy every request. Delicious appetizers, finger food, haute cuisine first courses, mouth-watering second courses and the inevitable desserts of the Patisserie Giulia, with the best Neapolitan tradition and delicatessen products prepared only with the best ingredients. All this, of course, can be enjoyed during private events, at home or in the location chosen for an aperitif, lunch or dinner with an assured taste.


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Catering Leonessa
Via Padre Raimondo Sorrentino
80048 Sant’Anastasia (20,74 km)

Tel: 081 530 7387

Orari d'apertura

lunedì Chiuso
martedì 12:30–15:30, 19–00
mercoledì 12:30–15:30, 19–00
giovedì 12:30–15:30, 19–00
venerdì 12:30–15:30, 19–00
sabato 12:30–15:30, 19–00
domenica 12:30–15:30, 19–00