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Laboratori Dolciari Leonessa

“Laboratori Dolciari Leonessa. Tradition and innovation marry taste and quality”

“Laboratori Dolciari Leonessa” is the new project realized by Carmine Leonessa and the Patisserie Giulia Elite Cafè, which offers a great service, distributing the artisan confectionery for haute cuisine, luxury hotels, gourmet pizzerias and cafeterias.
The main objective is the enhancement of the best products of the Campania region, used in all the dessert recipes prepared by the pastry chef Roberto Ruggiero and a team of young pastry chefs. Apricot Pellecchiella, Apple Annurca and a precious variety of Hazelnut enrich the desserts of the Leonessa laboratories.
The new single-portion line, which joins traditional pastries, includes a series of balanced and delicate semifreddo, suitable for closing the best tasting menus.
Dalla Pastierotta (a semifreddo prepared with Noble milk, cream, sugar, wheat, ricotta and candied peel from the agrimontana company) to Vesuvius (a cone-shaped curly puff with inside babà, custard and sour cherry), indicated to enrich the best menus.
The Leonessa Confectionery Laboratories offer themselves as 360 degree partners in the supply of traditional Neapolitan sweets and semi-frozen desserts (new gourmet line, high quality) and new recipes with balanced combinations suitable for all tastes.


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Laboratori Dolciari Leonessa
Via Padre Raimondo Sorrentino
80048 Sant’Anastasia (20,74 km)

Tel: 081 530 7387

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12:30–15:30, 19–00


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12:30–15:30, 19–00


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